LINEAGE - Voice-based Stories for Your Family


Save your family's memories with voice recording on a phone. Your Storyteller is reminded weekly with customized questions or photo prompts. We preserve family stories in their voices, transcribe them, and allow you to share them with family.

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Jun 15, 2024

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LINEAGE - Voice-based Stories for Your Family

Lineage's Overview

LINEAGE is a voice-based storytelling platform that allows families to capture and preserve their memories, wisdom, and voices for future generations. It strengthens family bonds and helps discover new stories. With LINEAGE, you can create a shareable or private family audiobook, listen and record from anywhere, and give everyone in your family a voice to connect on a deeper level. It serves as a digital keepsake, preserving memories and allowing loved ones to be remembered even after they're gone. LINEAGE also allows you to capture and share family wisdom, record life experiences, and create advice for your family. The process is simple: customize questions from their library or write your own, have your storyteller respond by talking (no writing needed), and listen to and connect about your favorite family stories from anywhere. LINEAGE is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to non-technical people, and the stories are securely stored on Amazon Web Services. It offers flexibility in terms of scheduling and can be done at your own pace. Testimonials from users highlight the emotional value and comfort that LINEAGE brings in preserving their loved ones' voices and memories.

Lineage's Features

  • Capture and preserve family memories and stories

  • Create shareable or private family audiobooks

  • Give everyone in your family a voice to connect deeper

Lineage's Q&A

Lineage's Pricing

Pricing details can be found on the LINEAGE website.

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