Webtrotion - Notion-based Static Website Generator | Webtrotion Astro Notion CMS


Webtrotion is a highly configurable and easy-to-install website builder, crafted with the Astro framework and Notion. Use it to effortlessly create a blog or website.

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Jul 8, 2024

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Webtrotion - Notion-based Static Website Generator | Webtrotion Astro Notion CMS

Webtrotion's Overview

Webtrotion is a simple to install, configurable starter built with the Astro framework in conjunction with Notion. It allows you to create an easy-to-use blog or website. The key features of Webtrotion include integration with Notion to create a website, single file configuration, TailwindCSS utility classes with Notion color matching, responsive and SEO-friendly design, dark/light mode, automatic RSS feed, webmentions, Giscus comments, auto-generated sitemap, and more. To set up Webtrotion, you need to duplicate a Notion database, create a Notion integration, obtain the API secret, and configure your repository settings on GitHub. You can preview your website locally by cloning the repo. Additional configuration options include adding a custom domain, setting up Google Analytics and Search Console, enabling lightbox, and more. Webtrotion is licensed under MIT.

Webtrotion's Features

  • Integration with Notion

  • Single file configuration

  • Responsive & SEO-friendly design

Webtrotion's Q&A

Webtrotion's Pricing

Webtrotion is an open-source project and is available for free on GitHub.

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