Vibely - Automatically Record Zoom Calls 10x Cheaper


Vibely integrates with Google Calendar to automatically record your and your team's Zoom calls. All your team's calls in one place. AI insights and search. AI-powered action items. 10x cheaper than Gong!

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Jul 9, 2024

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Vibely - Automatically Record Zoom Calls 10x Cheaper

Vibely's Overview

Vibely is a platform that allows you to automatically record your Zoom calls and integrate them with Google Calendar. It provides a centralized location for all your team's calls, making it easier to collaborate, share, and learn from past calls. Vibely offers a cost-effective solution, with prices starting at $19 per month per recording user. You get up to 8 hours of recording per month, and any additional hours are billed at $2 per hour. The platform also includes AI insights and search capabilities, allowing you to ask questions about your calls and receive answers based on your past calls. Additionally, Vibely's AI-powered technology can automatically identify action items from your calls and set up custom automations.

Vibely's Features

  • Automatic recording of Zoom calls

  • Integration with Google Calendar

  • Centralized location for team calls

  • AI insights and search capabilities

  • AI-powered identification of action items

Vibely's Q&A

Vibely's Pricing

Vibely charges $19/month per recording user for up to 8 hours of recording per month. Each additional hour is billed at $2/hour.

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