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Create, grow, and monetize AI influencers with SynthLife. An all-in-one platform for individuals and companies to easily build virtual influencers without technical skills. Join now!

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Jul 8, 2024

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SynthLife | AI Influencer Creator | Virtual Influencer Platform

SynthLife's Overview

SynthLife AI is the ultimate platform for creating, nurturing, and monetizing virtual influencers. Without any technical know-how, users can effortlessly build a TikTok presence and manage a YouTube channel using SynthLife. This innovative AI-powered tool allows users to craft up to five Synths within a single account, generating unlimited content for each. SynthLife AI also supports importing your own AI, enabling growth through unlimited content creation. The platform boasts features like custom face creation, seamless social media integration, and automated content generation and scheduling. SynthLife offers various pricing tiers, from the budget-friendly Lite plan at $29/month to the comprehensive Creator plan at $99/month. The SynthLife team is committed to providing an exceptional onboarding experience for all users, with support available via Twitter and Discord.

SynthLife's Features

  • Creating a unique AI-generated face

  • Integrations with popular social media platforms

  • AI-powered content auto-generation

SynthLife's Q&A

SynthLife's Pricing

Lite Plan: $29/month Hobbyist Plan: $49/month Creator Plan: $99/month

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