Reclaim AI | Smart Scheduling App for Teams


Reclaim is a powerful AI-driven app that create 40% more time for teams — auto-schedule your tasks, habits, meeting & breaks. Start free on Google Calendar

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Jul 8, 2024

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Reclaim AI | Smart Scheduling App for Teams

Reclaim's Overview

Reclaim AI is a cutting-edge scheduling tool that harnesses artificial intelligence to enhance team productivity, foster collaboration, and promote work-life balance. This innovative Reclaim AI app automates various scheduling tasks, including protecting focus time, efficiently arranging meetings, and helping users achieve a better work-life equilibrium. Reclaim AI's key functionalities encompass intelligent task scheduling, automated meeting coordination, synchronization across multiple calendars, implementation of buffer periods between events, and insightful analytics on time utilization. Reclaim AI seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Slack, Asana, and Google Tasks, effortlessly fitting into existing workflow systems.

Reclaim's Features

  • AI-driven smart scheduling for calendar optimization

  • Automated meeting booking and rescheduling with Reclaim AI

  • Task scheduling and seamless integration with task management tools

  • Calendar synchronization across multiple platforms using Reclaim AI

  • Work habit scheduling and efficient buffer time management

Reclaim's Q&A

Reclaim's Pricing

Reclaim AI provides both a free plan and paid options. While specific pricing information isn't available on the homepage, users can access detailed pricing information through a dedicated pricing page link.

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