Play Turf

Play Turf - Augmented Reality Physics Sandbox Game


Experience the ultimate physics sandbox game with Play Turf for Vision Pro. Spawn objects, use weapons, and enjoy unique sessions with bouncing, exploding, and floating objects. Perfect for stress relief and action-packed physics chaos.

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Jun 15, 2024

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Play Turf - Augmented Reality Physics Sandbox Game

Play Turf's Overview

Welcome to Play Turf, the ultimate sandbox game where your imagination is the limit! This Vision Pro-exclusive app allows you to spawn objects, wield crazy powers like telekinesis and flamethrowers, and interact with the environment in real-time. You can even activate zero gravity mode to watch objects float and collide in mid-air. Every session is unique thanks to the interactive physics and your creativity, making for endless fun and an immersive experience. Play Turf is the perfect stress relief as you cause virtual chaos in your own room. Get ready to dive into the craziest physics playground and let your imagination run wild!

Play Turf's Features

  • Spawn objects: Cubes, bombs, test dummies... It's your world, create whatever you wish!

  • Crazy powers: telekinesis, guns, and flamethrowers – wield these awesome abilities to manipulate and destroy.

  • Interactive environments: everything bounces, explodes, and interacts in real-time with your room, making every play session unique.

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