Pieces for Developers

Pieces Copilot+ - Boost Your Productivity with an AI Assistant


Get real-time assistance with your coding tasks and streamline your workflow with Pieces Copilot+. Ask questions, resolve coding issues, and access online research all in one place.

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Jul 10, 2024

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Pieces Copilot+ - Boost Your Productivity with an AI Assistant

Pieces for Developers's Overview

Pieces for Developers is an on-device AI coding assistant that enhances developer productivity by offering contextual understanding of the entire workflow. It helps solve complex development tasks and provides ready-to-use code snippets. With Pieces, developers can leverage real-time context from their tools, capture important information, explain concepts, and generate code. The platform offers a selection of advanced AI models, including cloud, custom, and local LLMs. It also provides hyper-relevant context from the work-in-progress journey to aid in decision-making. Pieces seamlessly integrates with browsers, IDEs, and other productivity tools, allowing developers to pick up where they left off. Security and privacy are prioritized, with data stored and processed 100% offline. The platform also supports OCR and ML for code extraction from screenshots, and it helps maintain organization and faster reference and reuse of coding materials. Pieces is available as a desktop app and offers various features, plugins, and resources to streamline and elevate coding processes.

Pieces for Developers's Features

  • Enhanced developer productivity through contextual understanding

  • Real-time context leveraging from all tools

  • Selection of advanced AI models

  • Security and privacy with offline data storage and processing

  • Code extraction from screenshots

Pieces for Developers's Q&A

Pieces for Developers's Pricing

For pricing details, please visit the Pieces website.

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