Keatext - Improve customer experiences with AI based analytics


Keatext helps CX professionals analyze text data from reviews, surveys, and contact center interactions. It unifies feedback channels, pinpoints key drivers of satisfaction, and generates AI-powered recommendations for changes with the most impact on CX.

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Jul 9, 2024

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Keatext - Improve customer experiences with AI based analytics

Keatext's Overview

Keatext is an AI-based text analytics platform that helps brands analyze feedback to create better customer and employee experiences. With Keatext, you can easily understand what drives engagement and receive tailored AI-based recommendations to improve people experiences. The platform fits seamlessly into your tech stack as a cloud-based, standalone analytics platform. You can upload your own data files or use integrations to discover insights in minutes. Keatext provides a 360º view of the customer journey and helps identify blind spots that may be impacting customer satisfaction. With AI-driven recommendations, you can suggest improvements that have the most impact on people experiences. Keatext has been trusted by customer experience and HR teams to enhance their programs and make data-driven decisions. The platform has received positive feedback from brands like COOLA, Intelcom, and Sampler. Keatext can be used for analyzing reviews, surveys, and tickets to improve resolution time and reduce churn. To learn more about sentiment analysis and how to deploy it in your organization, you can read their free guide. Schedule a demo with Keatext to explore the platform and see the insights in action.

Keatext's Features

  • AI-based text analytics

  • 360º view of the customer journey

  • AI-driven recommendations

Keatext's Q&A

Keatext's Pricing

Pricing details of Keatext can be found on their website.

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