Eclipse: Digital Wallet

Eclipse: Your All-in-One Digital Wallet


Discover the next-generation platform for credit card payments and management. Get personalized recommendations, track all your cards, and optimize your spending. Download now!

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Jul 10, 2024

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Eclipse: Your All-in-One Digital Wallet

Eclipse: Digital Wallet's Overview

The Eclipse app is a smart digital wallet that recommends the best credit card for your day-to-day transactions, potentially saving and earning you up to $1000 annually. It allows you to easily track and customize all your cards on a single platform without connecting your bank accounts. With real-time recommendations, Eclipse provides insights for the best credit card to use based on cash back, rewards programs, location-based support, and forex rates. It also offers personalized card suggestions based on your needs and demographics, as well as limitless search to find the best credit cards for merchants near you. Eclipse's dashboard helps you manage everything related to your cards, including notes, interest rates, due payment dates, and annual fees. It also provides a credit card wiki with summarized information about hundreds of credit cards in Canada and the United States. Visit the website for more information on Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Eclipse: Digital Wallet's Features

  • Real-time recommendations for credit card usage

  • Personalized card suggestions

  • Limitless search for credit cards at nearby merchants

Eclipse: Digital Wallet's Q&A

Eclipse: Digital Wallet's Pricing

For pricing details, please visit the Eclipse website.

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