Drip - AI Powered Introspections & Journaling


Drip is a self-reflection and journaling tool powered by AI. Discover the transformative power of AI-driven journaling for deep, authentic introspection. Join our journey towards mental wellness. Personalized prompts, secure and private, combining journaling with introspections. Easy to use. FAQs.

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Jun 16, 2024

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Drip - AI Powered Introspections & Journaling

Drip's Overview

Drip is an AI-driven journaling app that aims to empower individuals with tools for deep, authentic introspection. It provides thousands of unique prompts to guide your journaling journey, engaging you in deep conversations and uncovering secondary emotions. The app also helps confirm your feelings and offers helpful tips to navigate through issues. With advanced security measures, Drip ensures the privacy and protection of your personal data. Combining journaling with introspections, Drip believes in the power of journaling as an essential part of self-discovery. It offers AI-powered prompts when you need suggestions and emphasizes the importance of privacy for your journals. Drip is designed to be easy to use, without any learning curves.

Drip's Features

  • Engaging in deep conversations

  • Creating your assessment

  • Secure and private

Drip's Q&A

Drip's Pricing

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